iPhone X无法识别中国人脸? 网友提出质疑-爱游戏官网登录



A Chinese woman, identified only by her surname Yan, was offered two refunds from Apple for her new iPhone X, as the AI-powered facial recognition technology was unable to tell her and her other Chinese colleague apart.此前,苹果公司2次为一名颜姓中国女人新买的iPhone X手机上付款,因为它的人工智能技术脸部识别技术性没法区别她和她的一名中国朋友。Yan from Nanjing in east China, told local news that despite personally activating and configuring the facial recognition software, her female work colleague was able to get into both devices on every single attempt.这名来源于南京市的颜女士向本地新闻媒体透露,尽管自身临终前基因表达并设定了脸部识别手机软件,但她的一名同事却每一次都能副本她的iPhone X手机上。Yan phoned the Apple support helpline when she discovered the design flaw but she claimed the staff did not believe her. She then went with her colleague to the nearest Apple store and demonstrated the issue to staff.在寻找这一设计方案缺少后,颜女士给苹果公司的官方网服务支持打过电話,但她宣称另一方并不确信她。


之后她同事一起去了近期的苹果店,向店员展现了这个问题。Thinking that a faulty camera was to blame, the store operator gave Yen a refund, which she used to purchase another iPhone X.店员强调是监控摄像头有什么问题,给颜女士申请办理了退款,而颜女士用付款又买来一部iPhone X手机上。But the new phone turned out to have the same problem, prompting the store worker to offer her another refund and suggesting to Yan that it was probably not an issue with the camera but with the software itself.可是这一部新机還是经常会出现了完全一致的难题,因此店员再一次为她申请办理了退款并对颜女士答复,这理应并不是监控摄像头的难题,只是手机软件自身的难题。

Newsweek has reached out to Apple for comment. A response has not yet been received.《新闻周刊》联络苹果公司回绝置评,但现阶段仍未收到修复。One Twitter user has reacted by accusing the creators of Face ID to have only properly tested on white people.一名twiter客户答复公布发帖子,批判“容貌ID”作用的设计师“大概只在白种人的身上进行了充份检测”。